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Let’s start with political leaders

Let’s start with political leaders

As we approach municipal elections and the likely attendant bad behaviour from the competing parties, measures to combat racism take on new urgency, writes Ryland Fisher. It was an honour to attend the launch on Thursday of the Racism Stops With Me campaign, which is supported by Independent Media and a few partners. It was […]

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Breaking down Black Culture: ‘Skin lightening’

Lighter skin phenomenon

Less than R50 is all you need to turn the ‘darker’ you into a ‘yellow bone’. You’re also guaranteed it will take about two weeks to start seeing results. People have been bleaching their skin for some time now and many say it is because they do not look beautiful with their dark skin, so a lighter […]

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#ForBlackGirlsOnly – Life is tough when you’ve got tits

Lesego Makgatho pic

In a world that is anti-black, anti-women, anti-poor, you are most likely to live with your guard up. Yes. Life is hard when you’re a woman. I want to look at how society has played a major role in our lives and how my subconscious is also conditioned. Making my way to the For Black […]

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Ronnie Kasrils: Unless we tackle the root cause, we cannot fully vanquish racism

Ronnie Kasrils
Picture: Antoine de Ras

Janet Smith: Please describe the suburb in which you grew up in terms of racial identities, and how people did or did not find each other across those divides. Ronnie Kasrils: Well, first let us start with another question. What are the causal roots of racism? Racism is a system of domination that came into […]