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The Privilege Walk. Where do you stand?

Where do you stand?

It all starts with where you come from, how you fit in and where in South Africa you stand as a person. This has alot to do with the privilege bestowed upon you. We had asked a group of people in South Africa about their “privilege” and this was their response. Take a look, and […]


Understand where we’re coming from

Dark days: a photograph depicting separation of `whites¿ and `non-whites¿ on a bridge in Cape Town.

  Between 1960 and 1983, about 3.5 million black South Africans (black Africans, Indians, Coloureds) were forcibly removed from their homes and had to resettle in other areas, thus beginning the implementation of the Group Areas Act to enforce residential segregation. The act was aimed at segregating all South Africans according to their race and […]


Calling out racism online – is it helping?

Racism twitter

It’s 2016 and racists, sexists and misogynists are getting schooled as soon as they expose themselves. As they should be. But is the social policing we’re witnessing spreading hate, or pushing people towards worthy dialogue? Crucially, what happens next? Aaisha Dadi Patel and Dana da Silva weigh it up. Calling out “problematic” people on social media is now […]

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Why is whiteness seen as the norm and blackness as the “other”?

The year 1994 did not free SA from the control of colonial capitalism, says the writer. White monopoly capitalism is still in control, because it feeds off a docile, low-wage working class to extract as much value as it can. File picture: Kim Ludbrook

Norma Craven explains why she thinks whiteness is seen as the norm and blackness as the “other”.

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