11 February, 2016

The Privilege Walk. Where do you stand?

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It all starts with where you come from, how you fit in and where in South Africa you stand as a person. This has alot to do with the privilege bestowed upon you.
Where do you stand?
Where do you stand?
We had asked a group of people in South Africa about their “privilege” and this was their response. Take a look, and tell us if this has changed your perception about alot of things.

This video was directed and compiled by Andrew Robertson (MOJO) for the #RacismStopsWithMe campaign. An initiative by Independent Media and Sactwu.
  • Emperor Mong

    very good article.

  • Alfred States

    #RacismStopsWithMe is a great initiative by IOL. But if you guys are going to strangle the comments sections to death by not allowing anyone to speak, then there really is not much point in what you are doing here.

    • IOL

      We apologise, Alfred. Technical error. Comments are now displayed.